Monday, April 7, 2014

queer representation in the media

The main theme of these readings was about "queer" individuals and how they are, as a group, represented in all forms of media. The only thing that kept running through my mind while reading these articles was that society views homosexual individuals as some sort of alien life form, much like the way that we view teenagers. They are completely placed in a category all of their own and pretty much viewed as being less important or less human, mainly because they are different from the norm that society has created for us to follow. Pretty much all of my close friends are either gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but its a little strange that i don't really pick up on the negative representations of homosexuals in the media. This is probably mostly because i do not watch many television shows and because i know what i do see in shows is not reality but instead it is what a narrow minded group of people believe is funny. None of my friends never really get offended by this type of stuff and really we all should be very offended. All of my gay friends are not "sissys" at in particular could physically take on anyone if he had to and my lesbian friends are not all "butch". Why are these the characteristics that are automatically given to gays and lesbians. why are they viewed as being all the same and not as individual people with many different interests, beliefs, goals, styles, values and likes just as all heterosexual individuals do. Now that i have read these articles i am going to make it a point to watch some of the shows and films mentioned and with open eyes pick out all of the negative ways in which homosexuals are represented.

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